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time. >> irish row nouns yags of megyn. wasn't an accident he went that way. >> witness to war. a foundation that documents and records first hand stories from combat veterans. we can see why you have chosen to do that. just meeting folks like the major makes you realize and lament the fact that there will come a time in the not too distance future where we are unable to talk to these guys one-on-one. >> absolutely. we are losing our veterans. >> somebody who is immersed themselves doing this full-time what do you take away from that? it is like a film service like a movie to think back on what happened. both talked about want ing to b remembered for their sacrifice and their life was worth something. >> one of the things i want to share is there are younger people who care. our futuew mission is to make s the people don't forget. they can hear the stories. >> you want them to learn not only about the sacrifice but the attitude they had you didn't he -- you heard him say we didn't have a smart ass attitude back in our day. there was a wish we could somehow return to a nation th
, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to >>> for the second day in a row president obama took on the role of insurance salesman in chief promoting obama care. he spoke at the white house youth summit. >> one recent article reported that a surprisingly large number of people are signing up. there is a good reason for that. the law works. most young people without insurance can now get covered for under a hundred bucks a month. >> the president is facing an increasingly tough sell according to a recent cnn poll 53% of americans do not think the president is honest and trustwort trustworthy. bill burton served as national press secretary for the 2008 obama presidential campaign. he's now executive vice president and managing director of global strategy group. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this is fun. thanks for coming on the set. >> appreciate you having me. >> there's been discussion about whether the president's newfound assurances ant the law and how it's working and don't worry about the website,
. we should be celebrating imagination. we should celebrate when someone doesn't want to do anything with a gun. >> he thought about a weapon and made a motion. >> let's move on. this is raising eye rows. this baby seat. this is about the size. not that one. this is called the newborn to toddler activity seat. this is if you don't want to speak to your child. >> i don't want to ban anything. it is fantastic they would have something easy for their child. what is the difference between this and one hangs over them. it is still interactive? >> i think those of us who are adults messing up our sleep pattern how we communicate with each other. the idea we should be wrounger we should be using less of this stuff not encouraging more. >> they don't like tv eithe it' news channel. when you put the toy in front of your child on the car seat or whatever it is. he looks at it maybe he is thinking a little bit about it. then he looks at mommy he hears mommy's voice. this is all look at the big mickey mouse. it takes away the opportunity for imagination. >> in order for me to have a kid i would
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3